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October 30
What is Admin Support?

​This is a High-Tech service that offers. This is a team of experience Server Administrators and Developers ready to create your sites, set up user alerts, add new servers, firewall management and anywhere in between. We're ready to handle any support request you can throw at us. Click Here to visit our admin support center for more info.

October 30
I’m new to Cloud Hosting, will it be difficult to setup?

If you are a good System Administrator, this will be very easy. However, if you not good with Server Admin or have no idea at all, we are still here to make the process as easy as A-B-C.

October 30
Does help with installation of software packages?

​It generally depends on your service level. Please contact us to discuss about your requirements. We have big team server experts to help you through your entire process.

October 30
Can I join my server to a SharePoint 2010 Farm as a member?

​The cloud server with SQL Express is installed as a standalone SharePoint Foundation 2010 server and cannot be joined to a SharePoint Farm. The cloud servers with SQL Standard are configured as Farm servers and can be removed from the pre-configured farm and joined to an existing farm.

October 30
Do you offer a SharePoint Server 2010 version?

​Yes we do. However with SharePoint 2016 around the corner, we encourage all our customers to migrate to either 2013 or 2016 versions. When Microsoft finally launch SharePoint 2016, will only support SharePoint Foundation 2010. If you would like to use SharePoint server 2010 please contact us. We can get you a cloud server which starts with a base Windows 2008 R2 or a Windows 2012 instance and install it manually.

If you rather prefer SharePoint Server 2010, we encourage you get the SharePoint Server 2010 Add-On in the future. As of today, we still support SharePoint Server 2010.

October 30
How do I Register a New Domain?

Every site comes with a free address with in the URL. If you need a custom domain, we recommend searching on the internet to make sure you have the best domain name that fits your business and also to make sure your domain is available for purchase. When ready, follow the following steps.

Quick Steps

  1. Go to the domain page.
  2. Fill out the form to purchase your new domain.
  3. If the domain is available we will notification you in approximately 5 mins after the form is complete.
  4. However if the domain name have been taken, we will give you a list of recommended domains to choose from.
  5. Choose if you’d like to add email to your domain.
  6. Fill in the Domain Registration Information.
  7. Choose if you’d like your contact information to be public or private.
  8. Update your domain to be the primary domain used for your site on the My Account page.
September 01
What is the cost of Windows Cloud Server?

​There are no additional costs for the cloud server above the cost of the Cloud Servers, which start with the 4GB size for the Windows Cloud SharePoint image with SQL Express and 8GB size for Windows + SQL Standard Cloud for the SharePoint server with SQL Standard. For SharePoint 2013, due to increased resource requirements only the 12GB and 25GB sizes are available.

October 30
What are the SQL Server limitations for my cloud server with SharePoint?

​The SharePoint image with SQL Express comes with SQL Express, which is limited to 10 GB per database. SQL Express can only address one physical CPU (multiple cores) and up to 1 GB of memory. The SharePoint images with SQL Standard uses MS SQL 2008 R2 Standard or MS SQL 2012 Standard. They're limited by the size of the Cloud Server selected.

July 10
How can I connect to my Windows Cloud Server?

​You can connect using Central Administration site or Remote Desktop Services to log in directly into your server. Please do not give power users access to RDP into your Cloud server. This happened before.  

November 16
How many domains can I host?

​For Cloud Servers, there are no limits since you are in control of everything in the server. However for Hosted SharePoint, you are limited to 10 domains.

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